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Hey Lovelies <3

My name is Dajana and I’m a blogger and entrepreneur.

At the age of 23 I founded my first company Honigkeks, a brand for luxury pet accessories and matching cheap nba jerseys fashion items for owners. This year, 2016, I started my second company , Moments Bakery.

Its a family business and we produce/sell high quality organic baking mixtures and sweet bread spreads.

I currently live in Frankfurt (Germany) but I’ll move to New York in Summer 2016 in order to make new experiences and take my business over to the US. I’ve always been in love with the states and I’m very excited to finally live there.

My two Chihuahuas Cookie and Honey are always with me, they are the coolest dogs in the Online world

In my lifestyle blog I want to give you the possibility to take part of my life.

My mission is to inspire people. By taking you with me on my journey to the top I want to state an example and proof that everyone can be successful. You just have to work hard, take every opportunity and never ever give up, no matter what.

I love to help people and make a difference in their lives, therefore I share my experiences with you – in good times as in bad times. This is why I show my journey you. I want to encourage you to believe in yourself and to pursue your dreams.

I’m a very positive person and believe in the law wholesale nfl jerseys of attraction, God, Karma and the ability that people can change if they want to.

Being fit and healthy wholesale jerseys is a great part of my lifestyle and this is why I also share my knowledge about that in my blog.

I love to travel and to discover new places all over the world. And I love photography. My big goal is to be popular and successful as a travel blogger and motivational speaker and invest 20% of my time in running my companies and creating new stuff that makes the world a better place and adds value to peoples lives.

I like business and being an entrepreneur because I love to see how little things that I create can grow very big and inspire so many people. I always have tons of new ideas and love to work on new projects with different partners. If you have an idea for a business and you think that I’m the right person for it, don’t hesitate to conctact me and tell me about your idea. My field of business is wide spread, I’ve already wholesale jerseys worked as a product designer, web designer, free writer, photographer, weightloss coach, blogger, brand ambassador and as social media What’s consultant for companies.

I love harmony and I’m truly convinced that love, faith and gratitude are the solution for every problem.

I Museum love to learn new things, especially about human dynamics and entrepreneurship and constantly try to work on myself in order to be a better person every day.

Most of my blogposts are in german but I recently started to blog more in english, so you can read it from all over the world.

Thank you for being here , I hope you LU?T enjoy reading my stuff. You are welcome to follow me on social media and cheap jerseys get an impression of my daily life.

See you there,

Dajana <3

P.S. My surname is croatian and pronounced „shine“ – Yeah! #riseandshine 😉





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  • Lisa Januar 18, 2015 10.47 am

    Liebe Dajana,erstmal Hut ab,für deine Offenheit ,aber vorallem für das,was du erreicht hast !Seitdem wir uns das letzte Mal begegnet sind,hat mich der healthy Lifestyle auch wieder erreicht:)! Ich freue mich deine Rezepte auszuprobieren!LG Lisa

    • Dajana März 01, 2015 10.19 pm

      Danke du Süße <3 freue mich wenn es dir gefällt :-* jetzt gibt es ja mittlerweile schon ein paar Rezepte 😛


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Hi, ich heiße Dajana und habe meinen "sicheren" Job als Polizistin in Frankfurt aufgegeben, um meine Träume zu leben. Ich reise seit über 3 Jahre allein um die Welt und teile hier im Blog meine Highlights und Erfahrungen der verganenen Jahre mit euch - Schwerpunkt Soloreisen, Inspiration & healthy Food / Lifestyle. :)

Meine Mission ist es insbesondere Frauen dazu zu ermutigen ihrem Herzen zu folgen und all ihre Träume zu leben - raus aus dem Trott , rein ins Abenteuer! :)

Viel Spaß beim Lesen und never give up! <3

Mein Geheimnis für schöne Haut :)

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